On (The Importance Of) Housekeeping

A rare photo of my place. Bookshelves not pictured. My grandmother, who was over for Christmas, described it as "strangely neat".
Photo by Petteri Konkola

As time goes by, boys become men. However, their habits do not always change. My brothers never grew unaccustomed to their gleeful neglect towards maintaining order. As teenagers, we used to joke about the second law of thermodynamics applying to housekeeping; in view of this, cleaning became redundant. Still, after moving out, I feel as though housekeeping suddenly became a way for me to express myself. Continue reading

Anime Review: Legend Of The Galactic Heroes


I’m unsure whether anime still stands at an equal rank to Western television for most people, but I think it definitely should – there are countless of anime that avoid the most common tropes of the medium and are great works in their own right. The foremost example for me is Legend of the Galactic Heroes, often hailed by its fans as ‘the endgame of anime’. Continue reading

The Festival of Political Photography: A Visual Feast

Food Waste

This year The Festival of Political Photography focuses on food. Even for conscious consumers, the daily necessity of eating creates a tendency to interact with food mainly through habit and ritual. But viewed from unfamiliar angles, mundane foodstuffs can look provocative. Continue reading

Chief Editor’s Note: The Texture of Sleep

Elizabeth 2

During a bout of textural appreciation, I first encountered reference to ASMR deep in the comments of a noise upload. ASMR is also noise, but not music. One ASMR video shows nothing more than two forks scratching a foam covered microphone. There’s also a low key, sleep inducing simulated kidnapping. Continue reading

The Life And Times Of The Big Wheel


This massive reform is an exhausting project to get going, but once rolling along it has a chance of offering new options for collaboration and pooling together disciplines and people in a way that promises something fresh. It brings with it some bad, some good, and a whole lot of confusing, but the final tally should be on the side of the positive. Continue reading

Meet Modern Primitive

Modern Primitive--The Kin

An album creates a whole; a collection of songs that together tell a story much wider and complex than they would alone. It feels like nowadays I just tend to listen to individual songs and kind of miss the big picture that an artist or a band is creating with the whole of an album. But every now and then I’m lucky enough to stop, take a moment, and listen to the whole story instead of just hearing the beginning. Continue reading

From Benin, With Love

Beach at Grand-Popo
Photo by Caitlin Barán

For Barán, the biggest cultural difference has been how much people care about others. She feels that the people in Benin are so much more interested in each other, and so much kinder than what she is used to in Finland, where, she admits, it often feels like people simply don’t care about others’ daily concerns such as flus, stressful life situations of funny everyday occurrences. Continue reading