The World’s End 1998

Retro boombox

Fay felt something tighten around her chest.
“I can’t remember the last time I’ve heard music”, Nicole whispered from somewhere far away. “Must be two years. Ever since the first attack.” Fay nodded absent-mindedly, barely registering that the older woman was speaking. Continue reading

Stan Saanila’s Linguistic Joke Book

Illustration by Klaus Suhonen

This November right before father’s day one of Finland’s best-known dad-joke comedians published a humor book that seemed to have the corny humor category especially in mind. Author Stan Saanila created a guide for pronouncing Finnish using words, slang and sounds that are familiar (and pronounceable!) to speakers of English. Continue reading

Brought Up In Between Cultures


I’ve said the words “no, Finland doesn’t have polar bears” about a dozen hundred times and friends’ birthday parties were actually massive barbeques. We took a car to a school located 300 metres away and our burglar alarm went off almost weekly. I’m a third culture kid, nice to meet you. Continue reading

Inaugural Interviews: BTSB Talks with SUB President Niko Haussila

Peace and order?

BTSB interviewed Niko Haussila, the newly-elected SUB presidents, on his election, that other election, the direction SUB will take under his rule, and more! Niko, congratulations on your recent election as President of SUB! What are the feels right now at the start of your presidential 2017? It still doesn’t … Continue reading

Addicted To Nostalgia

Box of photographs

The sneeze-like sensation warms up your long-time memory and drowns your consciousness in expired feelings. The voyage of déjà-vu can take you from overwhelming happiness to sinking sadness in a couple of seconds. It acquaints you with your memories afresh, releasing what I am addicted to: nostalgia. Continue reading

Noise and Regret: Boris Plays Tavastia

Add a layer of smoke at 80% opacity and it's pretty representative of the gig at Tavastia.

There’s no expiration date on good music, but there is a certain flavor of regret reserved for discovering an awesome band through a midcareer album’s 11th anniversary show. Boris recently played the entirety of Pink at Tavastia, a noisy, smoke-drenched, perfect experience. The band’s particular mix of doom, psychedelic rock, and avant garde noise leaves little space for any sentiment other than pure enjoyment. Continue reading