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Elizabeth Oakes
Editor in Chief
Philologist currently into corpus linguistics, computational stylistics, and swords. My secret goal is to write a novel worth publishing. I also enjoy churning out trifling bits on topics as diverse as cats, painful hobbies, gothing it up at the music hall, the apocalypse, and travel. Interests include texture, circles, manga, suomikumma, and the power of written word.

Jesper 2

Jesper Simola
Editor and Social Media Admin
I’m a Master of Arts, which is kind of scary. In the meanwhile, I’m working on making BTSB so awesome that it’s also kind of scary. I’m a big film buff with a penchant for horror movies, and I’m also addicted to podcasts, two of my current favorites being Get Up On This and Worst Episode Ever. Also, wrestling is cool.


Esko Suoranta
I’m currently working on a PhD in English Philology at the University of Helsinki. It’s about humanity and late capitalism in contemporary speculative literature. I enjoy long walks to Judas Priest concerts, being followed by Yoko Ono on Twitter, and Advanced Dungeons & Dragons. In addition to my stuff here on BTSB, you can take a look at my fiction or check out an article based on my pro gradu.


Inka Vappula
Editor, Webmaster and Secretary
I am a third culture kid currently growing roots into Nordic soil. I am mesmerized by the endless expressive possibilities of the written word. Words create such thrilling worlds. I enjoy digging my fingers into fresh earth and watching things grow, teaching teenagers, getting up late on Sundays and packing suitcases. I write about miscellaneous life happenings.


Sampsa Granström
I was born on a stormy night under Maen y Bardd (Stone of the Bard) and was then quickly taken to kiss the Blarney stone in Ireland to receive the gift of the gab. I spent my youth charming dragons and tricking demons with my beguiling words and now I’ve turned my attention to BTSB and the student life of the University of Helsinki. I enjoy comics, music, movies, games, all things pop cultural and meddling with the affairs of mortals.

Milla 2

Milla Ihalainen
I’m a third year English philology student currently on a year long escape from the crowded metropolitan area. I’m trying to finish my BA by Christmas, yet doing my best to avoid uni lectures with a safeish ~300km gap. I have an obsession for figure skating, which I spend all my time, energy and money on. Other interests include dramatizing everyday life-events, eating constantly, almost any genre of music from classical to EDM, dancing in the kitchen and making people laugh.


Eveliina Kammonen
I’m a fourth year student with a passion for photography, ice cream, lakes and string lights. I write about places and phenomena I come across, sometimes placidly, sometimes pointedly. Both home and adventure call my name.


Laura Kurki
Fifth year English philology major in hopes to become a translator/writer/publisher/ anythingawesome later on. I’m also a lifestyle blogger with a passion for art and fashion. In addition, I’m a huge bookworm and the biggest nerd in a 20 mile radius. You can check out more of my writing in Her Campus HelsinkiLukufiilis and my blog.


Kaisa Leino
I’m a comic artist wannabe, who loves traditional and comic journalism. Soon-to-be-MA, ex-editor-in-chief of this paper right here, and with strong opinions about the possible relationship between Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy. Have freelanced for money.

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Emma Mether
An English philology major, minoring in theatre studies, gender studies and journalism, also with a degree in Archaeology from UCL. I enjoy seeing plays that question my existence, writing about questioning my existence, and the more down-to-earth art of sailing the sometimes stormy waters of the Gulf of Finland. I also tend to experiment in the kitchen, mostly with indisputable success of course. Spending the next academic year in Brussels interning for the Finnish Benelux institute.


Ari Mäntykivi
English Philology major balancing between stressful academia and being a couch potato. Fascinated by the capriciousness of popular culture and observing it in an unserious manner. Favorite pastimes include sports, computer games and underground music of all shapes and sizes. I also have a healthy passion for horror films that require a barf bag. Check out my stuff also at Her Campus Helsinki.


Hanna Ojala
A geek from Espoo. Suffers from chronic wanderlust and an unfortunate habit of buying more books and comics than she’s got room for. The kid who always got picked last in gym class. Interests include taking naps and drinking too much coffee. Some more productive interests are writing and art. A crazy cat lady.


Saara Viitanen
A third-year English Philology student and an aspiring singer-songwriter. I love and live for new experiences in life, and sometimes it seems I can’t stay still. Writing is a way for me to satisfy my curiosity, organise my thoughts and relax. I mostly write about personal experiences with a wish that others would relate to it, get new insights, or just be entertained.


Elina Virva
An English major who geeks out over grammar, poetry and Romantic literature. Other passions include playing and listening to classical music, drinking litres of green tea, and swearing in French. I mostly find myself writing about quite timeless, relatable topics, oftentimes mixing some verse in there, too. You’re welcome to check out my poetry blog: www.inmiddleof.wordpress.com.


Petteri Konkola
Just a boy from Vantaa. My interests include deep ecology, the classics, and avoiding schoolwork to the best of my ability. Like many others human beings, I firmly believe in truth, justice, and the American way. Currently studying English Philology at the University of Helsinki.


Danielle Amorim
Editor and Social Media Admin
Just another English Philology student, who buys way too many books, reads unhealthy amounts of fiction, and loves color coordinating. When I manage to escape my studies I busy myself with writing short stories, trying to complete a book (a project I’m convinced will never come to an end), playing songs on my very pink guitar, dreaming of beach vacations, and hanging out with my very dreamy team of friends.

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