What is BTSB?

BTSB is a webzine created by English students at the University of Helsinki. It was established in 2007 by SUB ry to reincarnate their long-dead newspaper, but it has since come a long way. BTSB has developed into more than an organization paper, covering a wide variety of topics from a diverse group of dedicated amateur journalists.

Do you want to write for us?

BTSB accepts both fiction and nonfiction, from poetry and prose to photos and podcasts. Just remember that this is an online publication, novels are tricky for us. All rights remain with the author. Do note that BTSB is not able to offer monetary compensation at this time, so if you think you could get paid for your writing, send it somewhere else first.

To submit your work or suggest a topic, please contact us through contactbtsb(AT)gmail(DOT)com. And remember to hit us up on social media too!

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