Chief Editor’s Note: Open The Doors of Perception

Elizabeth 2

I’m happy to be taking the helm at Better Than Sliced Bread with such a great issue. While I’ve been an active contributor and editor at BTSB for the past three years, taking up the mantle of the Editor in Chief necessitates a shift in perspective. Continue reading

Meet the Freshmen


Fall at the university is wonderful. The beginning of new courses, trees on the Metsätalo courtyard shimmering with coppery colors, and most of all, excited freshmen running around and wreaking havoc. But who are these newcomers and what are they up to? BTSB interviewed four of them. Continue reading

We Need to Talk About Simon Hanselmann’s Megg, Mogg & Owl


The Helsinki Comics Festival brought together thousands of comics enthusiasts to Kansalaistori in Helsinki in early September. One of the guests of honor was Simon Hanselmann, a Tasmanian cartoonist currently living in Seattle. His New York Times best-selling Megg Mogg & Owl comics follow the wacky adventures of the titular … Continue reading

Happiness from Happenstance


I prefer a heavy dose of the strange and unexpected in my art and entertainment. But it turns out that weird needs a capable touch. 11 Minutes and The Boy and the Beast highlight an illuminating contrast in happenstance storytelling. Continue reading

I Was Wrong About…Vegetarianism

Delicious soy bolognese - just replace minced meat with soy.

When it comes to one person trying to change the world, well, sure, one person alone can’t make much of a difference. But it all starts when each one person individually makes the decision to change, right? Continue reading