Olly Olly…

The Cast. From the left: Clarissa, Ren, Alex, Jonas, and Nona.

Oxenfree is a beautiful-looking mystery filled with a pleasing mix of humor and horror. It’s a game that doesn’t explain much at first, but fills in details along the way, giving you the opportunity to shift the story and characters as you progress. Continue reading

Babymetal Might Be More Metal Than Metal

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The first ten seconds of Babymetal’s “Road of Resistance”, the first track of their 2016 album Metal Resistance, make it clear that here’s a band that means business. Still, nothing quite prepares the listener for 0:55 and beyond. But how on earth can the combination of J-pop idol vocals and the gimmicks of all kinds of extreme metal rock so much? Continue reading

Sock Puppets? Humor That’s Super Cres at Best.


Sifl and Olly, folks, the best sock puppet variety show of the late nineties. It’s got songs, it’s got comedy, it’s got interviews with softly giggling creepers in snailsuits. What more do you want people!!! Let’s go to some some clips. Continue reading

A Humanist’s Search for a Job Part 2

This is what keeps me alive during this job hunt...

The saga of my job hunt continues and, boy, has this been a long journey. You know that feeling when you’ve written an insane amount of applications and they all start to blur together until you have no clue where you’ve sent your papers? I do. Continue reading