Chief Editor’s Note: What’s in an Outfit?

Elizabeth 2

Some Tuesdays in March you wake up a rainbow princess bag lady. On a wet November day you may be the ghost of a drowned snail. For every other person escaping into their costume, I’m willing to bet there’s one who’s reveling in the rare chance to dress as themself. Continue reading

Wordless Agreements


I distantly registered the pastor speaking. I’m sure he was telling everyone present how good of a person my mother was. Had been. He went through the typical stuff people get graced with when they die. I thought it was nonsensical. Everyone here loved my mother, that’s the reason they were here mourning her in the first place. Continue reading

Embrace Your Inner Slutty Pumpkin


The problem that women face is the double standards when it comes to Halloween costumes. The outfits that are marketed towards us are short and fitting, even when we want to dress up as a pumpkin, which is anything but short and fitting. Continue reading

Based on a True Story…But Who Cares?


The Conjuring films are, first and foremost, horror films. They are not documentaries and are not obliged to cover all of the facts even if they are “based on a true story.” Although these movies are based on supposedly real hauntings, their goal isn’t to give you both sides of the tale. Their goal is to scare the living daylights out of you and they’re really good at doing that. Continue reading

The Horror of New Beginnings: Confessions of an Introvert

Night sky

Imagine the horror of beginning when at the start-up market of new life situations there is never a role in your size available. You are the introvert. How unfortunate for you, I must say, as it means that your every-day life is inevitably more complicated than that of those who have received the gift of extraversion in birth. Continue reading